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Established in the year 1974, Asia Tea Enterprises has carved out a name for itself in the tea manufacturing industry with its diverse range of instant, herbal and flavoured teas. The Nilgiris hills in South India, famed for its cloud-kissing mountains, deep, green vales and vast tea plantations, is home to this company, which nestles in the picturesque hamlet of Ketti. The factory is located close to the highest railway station in the country, in the salubrious setting of the world’s widest valley.

Asia Tea Enterprises is committed to the development and marketing of inventive tea blends to cater to the taste of both the connoisseur and the casual drinker of the most popular beverage in the world. The establishment prides itself on being the first Indian company to manufacture and market instant tea, using technology and machinery developed indigenously. The firm was sought out by the Mitsubishi Corporation, Japan, to develop a blend of herbal tea to help control diabetes, and in collaboration with the R&D wing of the Japanese giant, Diabetea was born.

A pioneer in the field of specialized tea manufacture, Asia Tea Enterprises is tireless in its efforts to continue adding value to its innovative and trend-setting array of teas.

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