Slim tea

  Slimtea is prepared with a combination of Camellia Sinensis and wonder herbs like Garcinia Cambogia, Sida Cordifolia, Senna, Mint and Neem
Garcinia Cambogia has been found to suppress fatty acid synthesis and food
intake, in addition to sparing the use of carbohydrates in the body while causing an
increase in fat oxidation. The herb has been used to effect weight loss in the human body, as it is believed to interfere with an enzyme needed to store fat, and thus causes fat from foods to be eliminated from the body. It also aids in the reduction of fat stores in the body during prolonged exercise. Garcinia Cambogia reduces water retention in the body and is ideal for weight loss as it suppresses food cravings and regularizes body metabolism.
Sida Cordifolia is an herb, which is used in the preparation of medicines to remove the sensation of hunger and to increase metabolism, thus burning more calories. It is a proven diuretic, aphrodisiac and diaphoretic, which is commonly used in the treatment of bronchial asthma, cold and flu.
Senna is well-known for its laxative and cathartic effects. It relieves constipationby speeding elimination of waste from the body, and by increasing its water and electrolyte content.
Mint has properties relating to the treatment of indigestion, stomach cramps, flatulence and nausea. It soothes the lining of the digestive tract and helps settle the stomach after a heavy meal.
Neem is described in Ayurvedic literature as being useful in the treatment of tiredness, coughs, fevers, excessive thirst and diabetes.

Directions for Use: 

Add ¾ of a teaspoon to a cup of boiling water, brew for a few minutes and strain. Serve hot with sugar and milk or lime to taste.
Two cups of Slimtea a day helps to reduce excess fat deposits and maintain a healthy, active and energetic lifestyle, without inhibiting the absorption of essential nutrients in the digestive system.

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