Secrets to tastier teas

  From the vast open spaces of China to the quaint and cosy tearooms of England, tea is a beverage that is universally celebrated and enjoyed. Through the years, a cup of tea has been a popular panacea to cure all ills; from soothing a broken heart to calming frayed nerves, from chasing drowsiness every morning, to refreshing one’s spirits after a hard day’s work, tea works wonders on you.  Romances have blossomed over steaming cups of tea on cold, rainy days, and tea parties have served as platforms for building friendships. Whatever the occasion or reason to drink a hot cup of tea, the sensory experience is the same. Try our tricks and tips while brewing your cup to enhance your drinking pleasure.                               

  • To make the perfect cup of tea, measure one teaspoon of tea for the pot and one for each cup. Pour boiling water into pot, cover with tea cosy, and brew for 5 minutes. Strain and serve.                                      
  • Use only porcelain crockery to prepare tea.  
  • Use water that is freshly boiled.
  • For green tea, measure one spoon for each cup. Use water that has not reached its boiling point, and brew for 3 minutes.
  • Use a strainer and clean utensils exclusively for your tea preparation.
  • Tea absorbs moisture and any aromas from the air, so store in an airtight container.
  • While brewing tea, don’t leave vegetables, meats or other edibles lying in the open in your kitchen, near the area where the tea is being prepared. Good tea tasters can often identify the food being cooked when the tea was being prepared.
  • To make tea stronger or lighter, reduce the measure for each cup accordingly. Do not increase or decrease the brewing time. Tea left to over-brew can have a bitter taste.


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